Contact Law Enforcement

University Police

Name:      University Police Department
Phone:   (408) 924-2222



  One Washington Square,
University Police Department Building
San José, CA 95192-0012

Local Police

Name:     San José Police Department
Non-Emergency:   (408) 277-8900
Emergency:   (408) 277-8911




201 W. Mission Street,
San José, CA 95110

It is important that you take steps to preserve and collect evidence; doing so preserves the full range of options available to you, be it through the University’s administrative complaint procedures or criminal prosecution.  To preserve evidence: (1) do not wash your face or hands; (2) do not shower or bathe; (3) do not brush your teeth; (4) do not change clothes or straighten up the area where the assault took place; (5) do not dispose of clothes or other items that were present during the assault, or use the restroom; and, (6) seek a medical exam immediately.  If you already cleaned up from the assault, you can still report the crime, as well as seek medical or counseling treatment. You may consult with the Campus Title IX Coordinator and Report Incident to the University or Seek Confidential Medical Attention or Services (Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate).